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Newsgroups are really discussion groups on USENET, a world-wide newsgroup network. Through this network, comments are passed among thousands and thousands of machines and users.

In the newsgroups, items are posted and can be responded to via e-mail. Wild Apache provides it's users access to between 35,000 to 40,000 newsgroups. If you are using Netscape, accessing these news groups is easy. Simply go to Netscape Messenger, File, Subscribe to Discussion groups. A list will appear.

Another method for finding newsgroups is searching by subject. Below is a list of some Web sites that can assist you with the search:

Newsgroup Web Sites
Enter a word or phrase to search the largest newsgroups directory. Over 71,000 entries, including 148 computer-related lists.
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
Information on Usenet and its newsgroups. Includes functions for browsing and searching for specific newsgroups.
Search for Groups
Searches newsgroups by title, description, or moderator name. Search FAQs by subject, author or summary.

Both the Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer have newsreaders integrated into their browsers.


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