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(For operating systems prior to OS 8.1)


Configuring MacTCP for Wild Apache

This is the first window that will appear when you double-click on the MacTCP Control Panel icon. There will be several icons in the top half of this window; the number and type depend on what hardware and software you have installed on your Macintosh. If your PPP software is properly installed, one of these icons will be PPP. In order to use PPP software, the PPP icon in this window must be highlighted, as pictured above.

The IP Address, displayed in the lower half of the window, depends on the options you have set on the second MacTCP screen, which will appear after you click on the "More..." button, near the bottom of this window.


Configuring MacTCP for Wild Apache

There are four sections to the MacTCP configuration window. Of these, only two are important when connecting to Wild Apache using PPP. Other network configurations may use other settings in this window, but for Wild Apache, only the Obtain Address and Domain Name Server Information sections are required.

The Obtain Address section must be set to Server, as pictured above. This setting is required even if you have a static IP number. Other settings will not work properly.

The Domain Name Server Information is divided into several rows of two boxes apiece. The box on the left is labelled Domain, and the box on the right is labelled IP Address. In addition, there is a column of radio control buttons with which you can set the default name server.

It should be configured as follows:

Domain: wildapache.net • IP Address: • Default 

Note: The first entry in the Domain column must end with a period, as denoted above, and the next two or three entries must have nothing more than a single period in the Domain column.

The other settings, IP Address and the Gateway Address are set automatically when you dial into Wild Apache. Thus, no changes you make to them will have any effect, and they can be ignored.

Open Transport's TCP/IP Control Panel

Next to Connect via: is a pop-up menu. In the picture above, it is set to "MacPPP." There are several other options available under this menu; if MacPPP is not visible, it is either not installed, or not installed correctly. Most likely you will see "MacPPP", "FreePPP" or "Remote Access"

Next to Configure is a second pop-up menu. In order to operate properly with MacPPP or FreePPP, it should be set to "Using PPP Server," as pictured above. This will set the address and routing options to "will be supplied by server."

The Name Server Addr. should be set as follows:

The Starting Domain Name should be :


The Ending domain name and Additional Search Domains may be left blank.


PPP Settings

DNS 1:

DNS 2:

News Server: news.wildapache.net

POP server: mail.wildapache.net

SMTP server: mail.wildapache.net

Domain (suffix): wildapache.net

Flow Control: cts only or cts/dsr (depending on modem)


Proxy: {blank)

(Note: Proxies are optional and always use port 8000)


(For operating systems AFTER OS 8.6)

Machines running OS 8.6 forward can use the "Internet Setup Assistant" located (usually) in a folder on the root level named "Assistants" to create first time dial up accounts and/or additional accounts.

The following graphics show every window in the "Internet Setup Assistant" process. This is the set up from the OS 9.04 and it may appear slightly different in earlier OS versions.